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The Pack Formation    


“The Ultimate Resource for Cactus League Spring Training Baseball … an excellent trip planning tool and a helluva fun spot for baseball fans to read, laugh and gasp.”

                                                                                   – B. Jenkins (CactusLeaguers reviewer)



The Cactus Leaguers formed in 2012 when four gentlemen, known in certain circles as “The Wolfpack”, united to storm the Arizona desert and soak in as many Spring baseball games as their fair skins would tolerate (three out of four skins, at least. See also: “The Negron Exception“).


What happened quite unexpectedly through the majestic fate that only Baseball could facilitate, evolved an idea that would reach well beyond the glove. Spring Training is an inherently unique opportunity for fans to peek inside the sport and get a more intimate sense of what teams go through before the start of each grueling 162-game regular season. 15 teams out west in Arizona. 15 teams down south in Florida. 30 teams, sweating it out in March, so that they might stand a chance in October. Spring Training offers baseball’s most diehard fans an opportunity to come along for the entire ride.



The Idea

What if we amassed a collection of all the unique opportunities that each team, in each park, in each city, afforded its most passionate fans during Spring Training? The ones who travel near and far to watch established veteran players, newly acquired fresh faces, and the up-and-coming youth – all grinding it out to lock up roster spots for the season that lie ahead? 



And that’s how the Cactus Leaguers began. Four working professionals, each with varying skill sets, beliefs, sun-tolerance levels, and opinions about Yasiel Puig, but who share a mutual, common love for America’s greatest pastime, joining together to form a Pack that’s stronger than the mightiest Louisville lumber, tighter than a Tim McClelland strike zone, and more powerful than an unnamed player on a Biogenesis roster.


These four men exist to bring you a better baseball experience. These four men are The Cactus Leaguers

  • Ryan Stevenson: "Rakeman #1"Favorite Teams: Giants, NL. Yankees, AL

    Admires the productivity of a Hunter Pence warmup swing almost a little too much. Writes, Interviews, Shoots Pics and does things on the Web. Respects wood. Rakes dirt with precision and speed. Contact Ryan

    Patrick Higgins: "Rakeman #2"Favorite Teams: Giants, Cubs

    This tall drink of McCovey Cove water loves the Giants almost as much as he hates the Dodgers. Almost. Plans, Writes, Interviews, and Arranges Media Miracles. Grooms base paths with size and grace. Contact Patrick

    Manny Negron: "Rakeman #3"Favorite Team: Yankees

    Puerto Rican by day, a darker Puerto Rican by night. Stretches sac bunts into routine triples and looks good doing it. Writes, Shoots Pics and Redefined the Radio Interview. Anyone can rake dirt. Manny rakes dirt with swagger. Contact Manny

    Rawlee Wilson: "Rakeman #4"Favorite Team: Mariners

    He'll kick dirt on the ump's shoes, but then he'll apologize for it ... because that's what the Moral Compass does. Interviews, Writes, and gets Social. As for his raking? A lower center of gravity with emphasis in the posterior region gets dirt smooth. Real smooth. Contact Rawlee

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Our Work

Okay, so it is work in the technical sense, but some people get mad when we call it that. We know we’re lucky to be able to do what we do, but make no mistake – when we storm the Arizona desert, we sweat profusely. Part of it’s the sun. Part of it’s the effort, but all of it benefits from talcum powder.


Does your baseball-related business need a shot in the arm [insert PED joke here]? We’d love to hear from you. Here’s a glimpse at some of our best efforts from 2012 – 2016:


Cactus Leaguers MVPs

The players* make it all possible. Each year we select the ones that had the greatest Cactus Leaguers impact – each for his (and our) own specific reasons. Here’s a look at our MVPs, past and present.

  • Francisley Bueno
    Francisley Bueno

    Francisley Bueno, Chicago Cubs, 2015

    Relief Pitcher

    No matter how you slice it: Francisley was Precisely "No Bueno" on St. Patrick's Day.


    Gatorade, 2015

    Giver of Life

    An unconventional choice, and again, not a player, but a mandatory selection nonetheless. (Note: Steer clear of breakfast burritos at midnight).

    Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants, 2014

    Third Baseman

    Panda. Avoided Orange Chicken = Sleek for 2014 (photo credit: Yahoo! Sports)

  • Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2014


    Breaking bats and evil stares. This dude means business. (photo credit: BaseballAmerica)

    Brad "Two Balls, One Strike" Myers, Umpire, 2014


    Okay, so not a player, but deserves honorable mention for what happened to his unmentionables. (photo credit: Toledo Blade)

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