November 23, 2014 – The Cleveland Indians have released their 2015 Spring Training schedule. Coming off of back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 2000 – 2001, perhaps this Spring will set the table for that elusive Autumn Feast in October – the one that winning teams wash down with champagne after devouring their opponent for four courses. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, that’s a meal they haven’t eaten since 1948, or roughly the same year the Indians faced off against the Pilgrims at the dinner table at Plymouth Rock.

The voyage toward the feast is tentatively scheduled to begin on February 18, when pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear Ballpark, with the Spring opener slated for March 3 in a match-up with fellow Goodyear trainees, the Cincinnati Reds. Individual game tickets going on sale December 6 and can be purchased here or by contacting the Goodyear Ticket Office at (623) 882-3130.

It was the late, great (Giants fan) Robin Williams who once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party’!” We couldn’t agree more. So since it’s a fairly slow news day amongst teams in the Cactus League and the members of The Wolfpack are always looking ahead to the ultimate Spring party, in honor of Thanksgiving we’ve decided to conclude this article with a game of, “Create The 2015 Spring Training Marketing Campaign for the Cleveland Indians”.

And since we love to date ourselves, here’s our entry: “A TRIBE Called Quest: Can I Kick It Off? Yes, You Can!” … Now does anyone know a good video editor who can replace Phife Dawg‘s Braves jersey with an Indians one? And also, video credit to “2pacShakurImmortal”, whom we’ve confirmed is surprisingly NOT Rakeman #2.

Have a better Spring Training slogan for the Indians? Of course you do! Leave it in the comments section while we go prepare the third gallon of turkey gravy… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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