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  • Colorado Rockies 2015 Spring Training Schedule Now Available

    November 26, 2014 –


    DAILY DOUBLE: “We finished 66-96 and were the runners-up to the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks for the distinction of being Major League Baseball’s worst team last season.”

    … “and strangely coincidental, we share the primo of primo Spring Training facilities with them.”

    THE QUESTION:  Who are the Colorado Rockies?

    That is correct!

    Colorado Rockies 2015 Schedule

    Apparently a luxurious training facility does not a winning team make. Or winning teams, in this case. For Colorado, the proverbial “roller coaster of a season” ended with more than just a ‘rocky’ ride to the finish – it crashed and banged and went straight off the rails! But fear not Rockies fan! Dust off your purple foam fingers, fold up your silver short-sleeved tees, and pack up a spare hip for your star shortstop, because your Colorado Rockies have released their 2015 Spring Training schedule! … Oh no! What’s that? The Yankees are rumored to be chasing Tulo? On second thought, you might want to unpack that bag and wait this thing out. Your team could be headed for a repeat.

    Fortunately, that’s what makes Spring Training trips so special. It doesn’t matter what happened last year, it doesn’t matter what’s being said about your team in the news, and it doesn’t matter what Jeopardy answer they were a question about (does that sound as weird to read as it did to type?), because in March it’s about one thing: Baseball under the sun.

    The Rockies kick off Spring Training with a pair of day games against the D-Backs at Salt River Fields on March 4 and 5. For more information about tickets, visit .