November 22, 2014 – If Rice-A-Roni is truly the San Francisco treat, it sounds like there could be a lot more of it left to consume around AT&T Park next year if Pablo Sandoval takes his appetite to Boston. A deal has reportedly been offered in the area of 5 years, $95 million for the clutch-hitting third baseman.

Good news for Bay-area rice lovers. Bad news for Boston-area Baked Bean lovers.

Bad, bad news for Bay-area Panda lovers. Stay tuned…

November 24, 2014 [UPDATE] – The Panda has reportedly opted for Beans over Rice. Allegedly, the Padres were in the running too, but were they ever really? Farewell to a Cactus Leaguers legend. We’ll miss you, Pablo. We hear grapefruits taste better than cacti, so you have that to look forward to.

Pablo Sandoval


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